Farm Store | Organic Empire

Welcome to our food store, here is the place to find the freshest local organic and biodynamic produce in the Yarra Valley. We specialise in local seasonal organic produce, but also do a variety of amazing organic products, dry goods, bulk wholefoods, skin care, books and so much more.We took a 1930’s old shop and renovated it into a truly sustainable establishment in every sense of the word.

We used over 100 year old floors to construct all the shelving, kitchen and edging around the windows and doors.

Our display was made from fruit boxes salvaged from one of our apple and pear farmers, whose family has been farming in the Valley for over 90 years. Our floors the original concrete laid, polished to bring out the time passed. Our commitment to sustainability transcends the food. From the huge window your shopping experience is like no other, looking out to the farm and the forest… isin’t that how shopping is meant to be…beautiful, inspiring and delicious.In our food store we have so many products, in facts hundreds of amazing, delicious organic products as well as our divine produce.

Source: Farm Store | Organic Empire

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