Growing Organic Dill

Herbs are some of the best plants to grow in any garden, but especially in the organic garden. They flower well, bring in pollinators, have incredible uses, and are usually pretty sturdy, easy growers. I like to use dill in the edible landscape to take advantage of all of those factors while adding visual variety. Here are some things you need to know about growing organic dill.

Rotating Dill into the Garden

As part of the carrot/parsley family, you’ll want to include dill with others (celery, cilantro, and of course, carrots) in its family when you make your crop rotation plan. As an annual, you can move dill around season to season. You might also let it self-seed to create a bit of a dill patch for a few seasons at a time.

The great thing about dill is that it brings in beneficial bugs. Not just pollinators, but predatory wasps and others that will help keep pests in check. (Plant dill near your tomatoes if hornworms are a concern!) Dill’s actually been studied for its effects on pests, and it performed very well.

Are you trying to grow dill on your organic garden? They are quite the beneficial herb. Here is a quick guide to follow.

Source: Growing Organic Dill

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