Introducing the CAMP BABY™ Central Park 100% Organic Cotton Picnic Rug

Plastic abounds us. We are consumed by plastic. Literally. A very large proportion of humans and animals on this planet have some form of plastic particulate in their body. If you eat fish/ shellfish, plastic micro-particles. Drink town water… eat produce grown with additional silicates to modify ‘density’ or crop yield, plastic particles — the list is really endless.

So what about 80-90% of picnic rugs used today, what are they made of? – you guessed it – plastic. We are so comfortable in wearing and consuming plastic that we often do it without second thought.

The team here at CAMP BABY™ believe in returning to a way of life that reduces or even goes as far as to eliminating the ‘deleterious’ components of what is seen as everyday, normal life. We try to use as little synthetics as possible and, when we do, we ensure that it is not in contact or affecting those who choose products manufactured by CAMP BABY™.

Is Polyurea the same as Polyether? Sounds the same doesn’t it but they are actually completely different. Polyurea, by definition, is an Elastomeric Resin formed synthetically through a process of Organic Chemical reactions. Whereas, Polyether, or what you may know better as PET, is the recycled plastic drink cartons and water bottles (well the ones that don’t end up in the pacific oceans’ vortex!) that we are all very familiar with. Worlds apart!

Source: Introducing the CAMP BABY™ Central Park 100% Organic Cotton Picnic Rug

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