A Good Morning – Cranberry Bread Recipe (Grain-Free) – Deliciously Organic

Cranberry Bread is a classic holiday quick bread you can serve at breakfast, as a light dessert, or dried and used in bread pudding. This subtly sweet grain-free loaf arrives heavily scented with vanilla and dotted with tangy cranberries.

I use dried, unsweetened cranberries in this recipe and plump them with rum (you can use orange juice if you prefer). I chose dried instead of fresh because the fresh cranberries added too much moisture and caused white splotches throughout the dough.

Some of you might prefer added orange flavor. If so, you can plump the cranberries in orange juice and use orange zest instead of lemon.

Usually when I test recipes multiple times, my family grows weary of eating the “test cases.” This time, they devoured each loaf as it came out of the oven. In light of that,
consider making two loaves – one probably won’t last long!

Source: Cranberry Bread Recipe (Grain-Free) – Deliciously Organic

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