Versatile, Water Resistant and Certified Organic Day Beds – CAMP BABY style

CAMP BABY designs are unique and are based entirely on 100% Certified fabrics. The CAMP BABY Sunlounger™, ‘Ibiza’ as pictured, is lightweight, water resistant and completely organic.

The CAMP BABY patent pending design allows for a 100% Organic layer of waterproofed cotton to protect the inner organic mattress material. By integrating this layer, CAMP BABY have been also able to reduce pathogen and bacteria transferal; further protecting both your family and you.The CAMP BABY Sunlounger™ and NAPTIME™ portable day beds are great for the Beach, Camping and Picnics; anywhere you want to relax.

Have some tired old outdoor furniture? We can help with our bespoke, customized service; fitting the our Sunlounger tech onto any furniture surface.Contact CAMP BABY for further information.

Source: Versatile, Water Resistant and Certfied Organic Day Beds – CAMP BABY s – CAMP BABY™

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