Visit Kevin Newell’s Hydroponic Organic Vegetable Farm | WanderWisdom


A North Port, Florida farm

In this 50’ X 130’ space, Kevin Newell grows as much food as would be grown on 6 acres of farmland. Since he can get three rotations of crops in a year, in practice that makes this garden the productive equivalent of 18 acres.

The food produced here never puts roots in the earth, nor is it fed with manure of any kind, no animal matter and no chemical fertilizers. This virtually eliminates potential exposure to e coli or salmonella contamination.

On average the vegetables you buy in the store have been touched by 28 people before you take them home. “That’s 28 chances to leave germs from the farm hand picking the crops to the stock boy laying them out on displays,” Keven tells us. “Think of all the customers touching it once it’s in the store. This way is cleaner.”

“And,” the enthusiastic farmer is quick to add, “this is a green operation – no plowing to disturb the soil and increase erosion; uses 84% less water than regular farming and hydroponically grown vegetables are 150% more nutritious than organic vegetables grown in dirt.”

Kevin Newell is using the latest in hydroponic technology to operate his organic vegetable farm. He shares his methods with us.

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