What To Eat When You Have Chronic Disease – mindbodygreen

When I was fourteen years-old I started having debilitating back pain. I went to lots of doctors but none could diagnose the problem. Instead I was prescribed pain killers to manage my pain. Since then, I’ve encountered a number of other health conditions—a thyroid disorder, celiac disease, parasite infections and a severe gastric motility disorder of the colon. I’ve learned by trial and error, working with a host of experts and my experience in my own body how much food is medicine and has the profound power to change the biology of our bodies. Now, I’m living life full steam ahead, feeling amazing every day. I’m even a published author (my new book, Kicking Sick, is all about my health journey),

I eat a highly plant-based diet filled with vegetables, clean sources of protein (unprocessed, organic, grass fed, no hormones or antibiotics), eat slowly and mindfully, and savor my food. Here is a day at my table. Enjoy!

What healing through food looks like in action.

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