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The gum of the acacia plant has been used medicinally for centuries. The gum is harvested from the plant by gathering the mature pods and crushing them. You should consult with a trained herbalist before taking acacia. warns that people with elevated cholesterol levels should avoid the use of acacia since it is thought to raise cholesterol when ingested. However, there is no clinical proof of this effect. Any new substance can cause an allergic reaction. Watch for rash, hives or shortness of breath when taking acacia. If these symptoms occur, stop its use and contact your health care provider.

Periodontal Treatment

Acacia gum may be used to rid the mouth of the bacteria that causes periodontal disease. The gum from the plant is dissolved in water, then swished in the mouth to treat gum disease. says that some studies seem to support this use of the gum, but there still needs to be more study before it can be recommended.

Treatment for Wounds describes acacia gum as a demulcent, or soothing to mucus membranes. Because of this effect, this substance is often applied to affected skin to treat minor wounds and scrapes.

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