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Cane Sugar, Organic (Evaporated Cane Juice)

This organic sugar is made from 100% certified organic sugar cane. It is a “first crystallization” sugar which means the cane is harvested, the juice is extracted, any field impurities are removed and it is crystallized. All this is done within twenty-four hours of the harvest. Because it is far less processed than traditional white sugars, it retains a natural blond color and a delicious natural taste.

Holds just a hint of sugar cane’s inherent molasses, which gives it a lovely pale blond color and mellow flavor. This is a perfect one-for-one replacement for conventionally refined white sugar.

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Largest Size Kosher
  • Largest size is gluten free

Country of Origin: Mexico, Brazil, India, Paraguay


All product sizes listed above are from the same quality supplier(s)

The largest size is directly packaged by the supplier(s) with their ingredient labels and product certifications.

From the larger bag, Azure repackages smaller size portions for your convenience in ordering.

Allergen Statement: There may be times when a product is labeled Allergen-Free by the supplier in the largest, unopened bag. However, once Azure opens a bag to create smaller sizes, the allergen certification is no longer valid for the sizes packed at Azure. Although Azure does perform thorough cleaning procedures between any products that contain allergens to avoid cross contamination, Azure Market products are not certified Allergen-Free. Azure Market items are packaged in a facility that processes wheat, nuts, soy and spices. Azure does carry many products that are certified by a third party to be free of allergens. Please call the customer care team for any questions or referral to other products.

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