Camping with Baby? Try CAMPBABY Water Resistant Organic Cotton Baby Bed


The CAMP BABY #PortaBaby Portable Baby Bed is the most advanced certified organic baby bed on the market.

The CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ Travel Baby Day Bed is a unique blend of the very best that Organics and Science has to offer.

With style and comfort, Baby will be well protected (and you will be too!) as we have integrated a water resistant layer to prevent the organic mattress from ever getting soaked.

Our Patent Pending Design has also increased airflow to Baby by approximately 100% when compared to other similar product alternatives. The diagram below shows the SIDS-safe elements to our design. 1) No pillows or obstructions, (2) Comforter Sides hold Baby in place.

The CAMP BABY Patent Pending design shows the advancements of Organic Manufacturing. We are sure that baby will enjoy sleeping in this little piece of Organic Bliss.

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