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camping with vegans and very little gear…

Hi everyone. I’m going to a burning man style camp out party with my sister this weekend, and I need some more ideas for food to bring. Here are the difficulties:
1. I’m mostly vegetarian, and my friend (who’s providing transport to the event) is vegan.
2. My cooler is tiny. I need nonperishable meals.
3. I’m poor.
4. I will be leaving directly for a WWOOF internship following the event, where there will be an actual kitchen and implements, so I don’t want to weigh myself down with cooking gear. I believe I will be bringing my favorite cast iron skillet, a roll of foil, a small supply of charcoal and a pair of tongs.
5. others will be there, but I have no way to predict what they will bring. Reliable power is unlikely…..


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