Healing With Hemp | The Natural Alternative | Kama Hemp Juice


We are world leaders in the supply of Hemp Juice and our company mission is to:

  • Provide raw, organic and vital juice to consumers and the food industry.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of hemp juice in the diet.
  • Engage in sustainable organic farming practices.
  • Produce products and information which support vibrant health.
  • Promote human intervention that supports all life processes.
  • Promote fair business practice and fair reward for all involved in the production of hemp juice and fibre.
  • Promote bioregional development of broad scale permacultural systems with hemp as the central driver and as a key break crop for organic husbandry, biochar/composting fertility building, woodlands, resource for food, fibre, and natural building material.

Our sister company, Hempire Building Materials made sure all their products are suitable for use in the construction of zero carbon buildings. We use industrial hemp as our main raw material. Cultivating hemp runs parallel with ‘green future objectives’. Hemp requires little to no biocides, improves soil structure and fertility, and also controls erosion. These positive attributes make hemp the ideal break crop for farmers.