Travel to France? Organic Vegetarian Cooking | Cooking Class France |

Before heading off on our recent French adventure, I trawled through the pages of David Lebovitz’s Living the Sweet Life in Paris blog for veggie friendly suggestions.

An American living in Paris, David has gained wide acclaim and is well known as the blogger authority on all things Paris food. Check out his blog for veggie friendly suggestions here. I was super excited when I discovered, through David, that there was actually an organic vegetarian cooking teacher offering classes in Paris.

Things worked out even better when our trip coincided with Terresa’s annual summer escape to the countryside and our stay in the Loire Valley. Another American in Paris, Terresa’s business is called La Cucina di Terresa.

Since putting down roots in Paris in 1996 she has developed a wonderful operation focused on promoting local artisan food and wine producers and guiding visitors through markets and home style healthy and organic French cuisine.

The first part of our tour saw us meet Terresa in the Market town of Loches, in the Loire Valley, France.

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