The Organic Blue Ocean Theory (TOBOT) | Yes, we borrowed from Harvard…



By Bryan Stralow

Everything in nature has it’s balance; it’s symbiotic equivalent–and even as we progress into an age of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and an ever increasing presence of artificial chemicals with “Acceptable Dietary Intake” (ADI) , CAMP BABY, by way of the, join the multitude of organically-minded and orientated manufacturers, and consumers, promoting a positive position as we move forward into an age of Artificial Technology and ‘Fake News’.

CAMP BABY, hosts of the, and as fervent Organic Technologists, are aware of the original “Blue Ocean Theory” portrayed by Harvard Business School as their proposed hypothesis in creating a new market; one that is free from being ‘bloodied by the mess of overpopulated business markets’– thereby creating a new, Blue Ocean.

And as we move forward, the will continue to contribute to the “organic blue ocean” by promoting, ironically, the old-way of approaching three critical components to everyone’s life – Diet, Health and Family.

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PEACE and Relax!