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Our organic pads and liners are used either alone or in conjunction with tampons, providing an extra level of comfort and confidence.

Suitable for a range of flows, TOM pads and liners are there for you at all stages of your cycle.

• Made with Certified Organic Cotton
• Winged for extra protection
• Suitable for a light to medium flow
• Hypoallergenic & Breathable
• 100% Biodegradable Pad
• Free from chlorine & dioxin bleach
• No synthetic top sheet or core
• Individually wrapped for convenience
• Not tested on animals, cruelty free & vegan

Extra Protection Ultra Thin Liners (26 pack)
TOM Organic Ultra Thin Liners are perfect for keeping you fresh throughout the day, all month long. They’re also ideal for a very light flow or as a second line of defence when using a tampon. They’re also conveniently individually wrapped.

Regular Ultra Thin Pads with Wings (10 pack)
TOM Organic Regular Ultra Thin Pads are made with wings and an interwoven organic cotton core for even absorption without the clumping, to ensure you are dry, comfortable and confident all day long.

Super Ultra Thin Pads with Wings (10 pack)
Ideal for heavier flow and overnight use, these pads with wings are extra long and highly absorbent to ensure you are dry, comfortable and confident all day and night.

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Source: TOM Organic Pads & Tampons: our products