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About Us

We are an online wine retailer specialising in organic wine, biodynamic wine, preservative free wine (although we use the term “no added preservative” wine). Wine that is certified organic or biodynamic is clearly marked with an “O” or “B” symbol.

What we are really on about is quality, uniqueness and authenticity. We believe that organic, biodynamic, and minimal interference practices when employed competently lead to a naturally superior product. The individual “personality” of each wine can be fully expressed in the glass for us to savour.

We have been trading since November 2003 and take pride in our reputation of always putting the customer first. We may be an online business, but our attitude to service is very old fashioned. We are always happy to discuss all things wine via phone, email, facebook or twitter.

We have the most comprehensive list of organic wine, biodynamic wine and preservative free wine available in Australia. We deliver nationally & internationally at the cheapest rates we can find.

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