Organic and Vegan Clothing | A Gluten Free Vegan Mom Who Knows

The more I learn about our asthma (an allergy), autism, allergy and autoimmune disorder epidemic in the United States, the more I’ve begun searching for the source of these epidemics that all stem from a confused immune system while discovering countless reasons why our immune systems have started overreacting.

During my search, in addition to eating a clean diet, I’ve learned that the hazards and health effects of pesticides used in conventional cotton farming (one of the three largest GMO crops) can greatly impact our overall health.“It is a scientific fact that the chemicals in the fabrics you wear soak into your skin and are absorbed by your body when you sweat.

Synthetic fibers made from petroleum by-products have been liked to numerous health problems as severe as breast cancer in addition to their negative impact on the environment. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the chemical side effects of the clothing they wear and the alternatives are not always readily available” (Green Apple Active).

Source: Organic and Vegan Clothing Companies and Resources | A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows