Want a Healthy, Tasty Dip for your Party? Try yumamifood.com


Growing up in Asia, we never experienced a ‘lunch box moment’ – having other students make fun of our homemade ethnic food. For us, the ‘ethnic’ stuff was normal.

We’ve seen tastes change over the years we’ve been in America. We’re proud that Asian cuisines and flavors are now celebrated.

Seeing eight-year-olds snack on sushi makes us smile. So when we set out to create a snack company, we decided to highlight the delicious Asian flavors we know best.

The key to better eating is to have healthy food that’s as tasty as a nice dinner out. That’s why our nutrient-rich snacks feature sophisticated Asian flavors. They make an easy choice.

Yumami has a no-junk commitment and a sensitivity to modern food preferences.  All four Go-Dip snacks are: gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, vegan, kosher, and non-GMO. We don’t use artificial flavors or preservatives like potassium sorbate. And we don’t add sugar to our recipes. We love our savory snacks!

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