Agriculture Australia: using Cadmium Fertilisers


This Agricultural Supplies Company is offering Cadmium-enriched Rock Phosphate to Australian farmers, but they are not alone. When looking into this Company and the product label that is on their website, there is no mention of Cadmium being a known carcinogen, with no description being provided to the Farmers who are distributing these products over their land.

The company does state, however;

  • Do not feed to livestock, and,
  • Any Animal grazing on the ‘produce’ created using this fertiliser may have Toxic build up in their offal.

Several alarm bells are ringing as you think about what this fertiliser is being marketed for, with its primary use for Pastoral land, and the images used in their marketing. Also, considering the large deposit of water at the bottom of the property pictured, and remember a) there will be runoff when it rains, and (b) most farms recycle dam water for produce, further concentrating the Cadmium levels in the soil.


Cadmium bar

We are contaminating valuable pastoral land with heavy metals that do not break down easily. The only way to remove the cadmium from the soil is to remove the affected soil. This has been shown in studies carried out in New Zealand (See Waikato Cadmium)

Technologists in the field are trying to genetically modify plants to absorb heavy metals.

That’s kind of like scratching your left ear with your right hand… sure it can be done but there is an easier way; Stop using Rock Phosphate Reactive (SuperPhosphate) fertilisers!

Like that Cadmium bar (pictured above) on top of your steak? Perhaps you’d like some meat products containing cadmium in your baby formula? Or maybe think about the organic farmers using cadmium-enriched cow manure?

Australia’s rock phosphates are some of the strongest in the world. It also contains some of the strongest Cadmium levels. This company, devoid of any responsibility to providing accurate user information or technical data sheets, is passing Cadmium and Flourine as “impurities”.

Therefore, the Farmers using this product, who may or may not know what Cadmium is and its known carcinogenic effects, are endangering the lives of their immediate families, their livestock and themselves; with the risks passed on to the greater community which extend far into the future.

Allowable Cadmium intake may be conveyed by the “World Health Organization” (WHO) but as opposed “What?!”, not having any uptake of a cancerous, heavy metal in your system? There are alternatives…

When it’s dry, it’s time to DIE… Cadmium = Death