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About Us

Natural Supply Co was born in 2014 after friends Catherine Brooks, Celeste Robertson & Sarah Scott found that they couldn’t find natural (yet delightful!) beauty, skincare and lifestyle products, along with meaningful information, in one place.

Devout lovers of all things natural yet luxurious, we are passionate about using products that harness the power of natural ingredients and are beautiful to have in your bathroom, kitchen or home. From candles to makeup, cleaning products to insect repellent, shampoo to organic tea… if you love it and want it, we have a natural version for you to feel good about.

Natural Supply Co proudly profiles and shares natural, cruelty-free and low-toxic products that we love using ourselves. An extra incentive is helping get the word out there about the amazing people behind the brands we stock and their stories, which led to such wonderful innovation.

Source: About Us – Natural Supply Co