Handmade Organic Furniture by Schaffer Furniture | Organic Lifestyle


After college I moved back to work on the family farm/ ranch with my wife. During that time I took a fancy to the art of furniture and I haven’t looked back.

My philosophy on furniture is that there should be a feel of comfort in each piece. I have decided to leave large machines to the other folks. Instead I feel more comfortable picking up hand tools and shaping each piece till it seems to have a life of its own. I have taken this theory enough to heart that I even name (instead of number) my chairs. I feel if something is worthy of 100 hours of labor it deserves a name.

Primarily I build Mid Century Modern style furniture.  I started my furniture building career with Period type furniture. Naturally I have a great respect for the level of craftsmanship Early American furniture requires but Mid Century furniture is what appeals to me the most. I also do some live edge work (slab top tables) and build Maloof style chairs.

While comfort and functionality are at the top of the list I strive to create furniture that is unique and worthy of conversation.

Along with building and designing furniture my family runs cattle and farms wheat (in other words I’m never board).


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