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Getting started with DIY body care

I love to create easy, effective products to use in my body care routines at home. I infuse homemade body butter or deodorant with essential oils for their specific aroma and effect.  I make nutrient dense facial masks and moisturizers with organic, single ingredient skin care oils, raw foods and clay powders to have a deeper connection to what comes directly from the earth.  And I take time to really consider what I put on my skin and in my body because I know it all has a greater effect on my whole sense of wellness.

This is part of my self care, but what does this type of care truly mean?  For me, self care is a deep belief that embodies many small rituals and practices I try to incorporate in my daily life to achieve an overall state of balanced and vibrant health.  Every aspect of my life is part of my understanding and practice of self care because I know that each element has influence on the next.  With that mindset, I have spent several years improving on what I put on my body to make the most out of the practice of body care.

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