Looks like Wagyu, right? Wrong – Meet Soul Burger | Vegan | Vegetarian


Vegan & Vegetarian Burgers

Vegan & Vegetarian Burgers from Soul Burger

We hope to forever change the conception of a burger

Close your eyes and picture your favourite burger. We’re not mind readers, but chances are you’re thinking of a full blood wagyu patty ensconced in melted cheese. That’s what we’ll be changing.

Once you’ve eaten with us, you’ll be lusting for our plant-based beef as if it were one of your many lovers. Our coconut shakes will rock your world, and our addictive chips will have you strung out in between visits.

Soul Burger is Australia’s first gourmet plant-based burger joint. Our vision is to launch a blitzkrieg on big agriculture and spark a shift in Aussie Food Culture towards plant-based foods.

Our food system is broken. We didn’t come to fix it. We came to revolutionise it.

With us?

Source: Our Mission ‹ Soul Burger