A French Classic | Potato Leek Soup Recipe – Once Upon A Chef

It rained, sleeted and snowed all day last Saturday, and I loved it every minute of it. The kids stayed in their pajamas and watched movies all day, my husband made a roaring fire (and filled our house with smoke, but that’s another story) and I made a big pot of Potato Leek Soup. What better way to spend a blustery October day?

Potato Leek Soup, or Potage Parmentier, is a French classic. It’s one of the first dishes I learned to make in culinary school, right after a proper omelet, because it’s an essential base soup in French cuisine. Add watercress for Watercress Soup, serve it chilled for Vichyssoise, or top it with bacon, fried leeks, fresh herbs or diced vegetables. There are endless variations — just use your imagination to make it your own.

Source: Potato Leek Soup – Once Upon a Chef