ABC’s Truth of Organic, Biodynamic, Free-range and Grass-fed food labelling – ABC Rural – ABC News (An Australian Government Corporation)

By Bryan Stralow, Editor-in-Chief

Published in 2014 by the Australian Government’s ABC, or Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the attached article broaches the subject of genuine food labelling, goes further to indicate money saved by swapping over to an AUS-MEAT owned “not-for-profit” organic certifications provider, AUS-QUAL, whilst advocating the position that buying organic or biodynamic food is not worth the money…

One question remains, “Does the ABC, or furthermore the Australian Government, not appreciate the effort or consumer benefit in farming with organics, becoming organic certified or cropping biodynamically? Or perhaps this article is really just meant to further confuse the already inundated-with-information consumer?

Alternatively, perhaps we should all be resolute in eating heavy-metal laden meat with no interest in further defining and/or improving food quality and standards? Maybe we can all smile and rejoice whilst we inject our newborn babies with “non-mandatory but your child won’t attend school” vaccines that carry MSG and bovine calf genetics/ serum? (See QuadPro™ Measles-Mumps-Rubella-Varicella [ChickenPox] Vaccine).

The ABC reporter does mention that, according to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, non-organic food or ‘Conventional food in Australia consistently tests very low risk of chemical residue’. Would this happen to be the same food standards regulator who doesn’t classify cadmium as a carcinogen?

Australia, geographically, is far from close to any other country, but this does not mean that we have to ignore the facts behind eating organically, using cadmium enriched chemical fertilisers and opening the discussion to include local, organically-grown and certified products.

In all of it’s ‘regulating’ it would seem that there isn’t much regulation after all?

In reevaluating the attached article, I agree, there is no sense in buying organic if it isn’t certified, but if you have a potential conflict-of-interest in the nation’s largest meat authority providing organic certification through a subsidiary listed as not-for-profit, improving the general health and living standard of your constituency and/or hiding the truth behind what goes into the cows that supply their horns and manure for ‘biodynamic farming’ there should be some serious ‘question time’.

After all, some cadmium-enriched fertilizers should taste amazing with that Biodynamic Pinot Noir…

Maybe the only way forward is to grow your own?

Source: The facts behind the labels: the truth of organic, biodynamic, free-range and grass-fed food labelling – ABC Rural – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)