The Famed Asparagine – The First Amino Acid found in 1806 | Wikipedia

Apparently two French Scientists in 1806 were a bit bored one day and thought of a new experiment: Let’s boil Asparagus until the water evaporates then we’ll collect the residue and call it an “Amino Acid” as it contains a bit of Nitrogen, some Hydrogen and a mixture of Carbon and Oxygen.  The above skeletal molecular depiction omits Carbon as it is in its ‘hypothesized’ natural state; as it would appear prior to isolation.

For some fun reading, here is a ‘Psychologist’s’  musings about Essentiality of Amino Acids for DHGate?!

And for some very humorous vegan fun, take a look into “the next best thing” on the web, Vegan Protein Powder, who references the Psychologist… Classic Stuff! You really couldn’t make this stuff up.. or could you?!

Source: Asparagine – Wikipedia