Monsanto Advert: We hire ‘Natural Healing Specialists’ to discuss the History of GMOs

Mmm, doesn’t this corn look yummy!

The creation of new plant species through cross pollination is nothing new — Mother Nature has been doing it for countless eras. But over the last century, genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have taken center stage as a way to develop new and different species of plants to achieve a desired result. Over the last several years, a fiery debate has evolved over whether or not GMOs are safe. Knowing the history of GMOs can help you understand the viewpoints of both sides.

This article is confusing and inaccurate. GMOs have not been around since the 1900. The term “GMO” is recognized by scientists (and even Monsanto) to apply to food whose DNA has been polluted/altered with foreign genes from an unrelated species. This process takes place in a laboratory and does not occur in Nature. Furthermore, the FDA does not rigorously test GMOs. They “evaluate” studies

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