The True Organic Lifestyle, the X Files and a big FU2, WordPress


The idea in creating reliable products is not a new one. Or perhaps it is?!

Technology seems to be intentionally limited in its growth in certain key areas in society; albeit, as it is profitable for a few to do so. As the ‘slow markets’ that have been created merely for profit ensure the endurance of monopolies, the ability of the market to divest and express commercial freedom or ‘organic growth’ is limited by those whom initially slow the market; creating somewhat of a paradox or a perpetual state of  ‘inorganic growth’.

With the inability for growth, or control of growth through market manipulation, comes a stifling of true innovation as new ideas are removed along with the opportunity of becoming plausible as they could potentially disrupt the earnings of the monopoly; taking away from the spoiled little brats that have stolen their innovations from the true inventor in the first place.

This has been further guaranteed by such media platforms that raise ‘crowd-based’ funding for irrelevant products that add to the growing pile of junk. See ‘Indiegogo’ or ‘Kickstarter’.

Fake innovation and a legal tax dodge, social media, and furthermore the internet or even more so,’capitalism’, has now become one large legal ‘ponzi’ scheme.

Whilst computing and ‘artificial intelligence’ move forward at blazing speed; urged on by the hopes of the aging generations resting on the slim chance of implanting their organic functions and personal characteristics into robots and computers to provide longevity, or potentially, ‘immortality’, all one has to do is look at the inadvertent obsolescence designed into every product on earth, coupled with the pure and simple effect of human error and the subsequent arrogant reluctance of those who do not accept human error, and you would start to see that the above sentiment is simply not possible and it never will be.

Obsolescence= Profit will always outweigh Perfection

So why does society constantly look to reinvent the wheel? Perhaps the wheel is fine and it is the driver that needs the work? Ironically the ‘Boomer-fear-of-death‘? Who really knows…

Seemingly, anything stemming from organic origins, has been put on hold. Even the distinguished fields of Medicine and Science, the true basis of organics, are now tainted with reports and test methods designated to provide ‘optimal results’ that favor and falsely support the products manufacturer. Couple this with pharmaceutical companies ‘sponsoring’ governments, along with the internet infrastructure that has been established, or converted, to protect it, and it is the general public  who are left to bear the brunt of this profitable chemical attack on the health and general safety of millions of people.

Without realizing the inorganic means in which everything is now created- being synthesized in laboratories by the millions of tonnes per year and fed to us- contained in everything that we eat and wear- injected into our children without parental consent, testing or factual evidence in support of its use- it would appear that ‘society’ or ‘humanity’ itself is heading down the path of obsolescence; albeit, again, as it is profitable for some to do so.

Through the conundrum of appearing masochistic, society or ‘social media’ is anything far from social. The distance between each of us- each person or a.k.a ‘Human’, is being extended so that the truth is no longer shared verbally.

The truth is now what Wikipedia says it is… or a pharmaceutical company selling MAOI (Monoamine oxidase inhibitor) as the first line of defense against depression whilst knowing, and openly advising the psychiatric profession alike, that more and more of their patients are committing suicide when compared to those who aren’t being medicated.

And as WordPress continues to “automattically” redefine my words and remove hashtags from my post title (n.b.- they really don’t like this…), it would seem hopeless; but hope is never lost completely.


The will continue to work with like-minded people; both who create organic products and those that enjoy organic products. We will work towards promotion of the truth or any evidence that does not seem correct. All we are doing is compiling reports and evidence that currently exists. We will have to do this on a private server though as we are now being censored by the ‘Internet Defense League’.

“The Truth is Out There”~Agent Mulder, Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Bryan Stralow,