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The Q&A Archives: Where can I get Kelthane?

Questioner’s Location: Lutz, Fl
Date: December 1, 2009Question: I have a problem with Spidermites on my Cactus collection and have tried Malathion, Neem Oil and Sevin and none of these eliminates Spidermites for good! I was told they have become moderately resistant to these and that Kelthane is one of the few systemics that is now effective. Does Home Depot sell any miticides with Kelthane? If not, where can I find it?TIA

Answer: Kelthane is also called Dicofol and is most often sold as Dienochlor (Pentac Aquaflow, Pentac WP). I don’t think Home Depot carries these commercial grade products but you can check with your local cooperative extension office for local supplies or similar products that are more readily available to homeowners. Contact Hillsborough Extension Service, 5339 County Rd 579. Seffner, Fl., 33584-3334.

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