…13 ways to improve your diet, organically and look to cure cancer



  1. Only purchase produce from known reputable grocers. Look for the sales pitch containing ‘natural’ or ‘fresh’ Avoid at all costs. Buy Certified Organic if source/ testing certificate trustworthy
  2. Avoid exceptionally bright fruit or enlarged/irregular fruits and vegetables.
  3. Stop contamination of soil using cadmium-rich rock phosphates
  4. Stop using Neurotoxins / neonics as pesticides
  5. Avoid Gluten
  6. Avoid Soy-based products including Soy Lecithin
  7. Avoid Dairy
  8. Avoid Complex Sugars
  9. Avoid Smoking/ Carcinogen Exposure
  10. Avoid Alcohol, Liquid and Aromatic Gases, Organic ‘Phenyls’ including Phenylalanine
  11. Avoid Exposure to Electromagnetic devices
  12. Enjoy Life and,
  13. Eat Well

That is the cure to cancer. Simple. Next question?

Addendum A:

  • Wash Fruit and veg twice before cooking consumption
  • Always ‘flash-boil’ vegetables for 1 min or more, even when eaten ‘raw’, to release any further toxins but do not overcook.