How to Grow Berries in Containers to Avoid Pests | The Spruce


Growing berries in containers is a great idea for gardeners with limited space as well as those trying to keep 4-footed pests away. Most berry plants will grow very well in containers, although you may not get as large a yield as plants grown in the ground. Although berry plants do not require a lot of maintenance, many do require some patience. It can take a year or more for the plants to mature enough to produce a decent harvest. Check with your local Cooperative Extension for a list of varieties that do well in your area.

Most berries will need large pots, both to accommodate the roots and to balance the mature-size top of the plants. Large pots with large plants can get very heavy. If you think you will be moving the containers, either indoors for the winter or around the patio, place them on a sturdy plant dolly. Of course they will also need plenty of drainage holes.

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