Looking for a Portable Bed for the Office? Try the Organic Sunlounger by CAMP BABY

Got that big client coming in to sign the contract? Get some shut-eye in your office (or on your yacht as pictured) with the CAMP BABY Sunlounger made from certified organic (GOTS and USDA) cotton.



The CAMP BABY Organic Cotton Sunlounger is truly best-in-class. CAMP BABY know this because the Sunlounger is the only Organic Cotton Adult Portable Bed on the market.

CAMP BABY Sunlounger is versatile and water resistant; making it great for lounging at the beach, park or on the family camping trip.

Available in two sizes – Childrens (NAPTIME) or Adults (Sunlounger) – and guaranteed to please. Try the Sunlounger from CAMP BABY. Available at camp baby