Are you Controlled by Spam? – Organic Computing

Ever felt like everywhere you turn these days online you are inundated by spam?

Whether it is on google search results with psychologically-in-tune adverts or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+, you are faced with what seems like a barrage of spam. There is a reason why the multitude of spam has been created but we will get to that.

Historically, we have all had experience with multitudes of spam; via email, pop-ups and generally every corner you turn while online. We are and have been desensitized to spam. Now, whilst all of the ‘mainstream social media’ conglomerates all claim to be on the offensive to rule-out spam and nefarious accounts causing problems, there is a great deal of evidence that they are, in fact, utilizing spam to control propagation of posts, amount of followers that you have and so on; working on the ideal that if they create and control the ‘micro-environment’ that exists around you or your business, they essentially control which businesses make it online and which ones fail.

All you have to do is post something with an obscure hashtag and you will see the algorithm modify results to prevent you from being the sole entry in that hashtag category.

It also works based on social interaction. If you start blocking spam, you will be penalized by receiving more spam. If you leave it, you have a spammed environment anyway. Either way, the algorithm is now tailoring to suit commercial interests and is now, essentially, playing favorites.

There is no more level playing field within the online market. Without paying huge amounts of money to essentially spam the system with automated accounts that generate spam but not violating ‘anti-spamming rules’ on each media platform (which is laughable really and quite paradoxical!) you will most likely never see the light of ‘cyberspace’. Even paying huge amounts will not guarantee your success.

All you need is an account with plenty of memes, emojis and pay for some followers and you will achieve instafame!… if that is what you really want!

By Bryan Stralow, Editor-In-Chief –