Organic Building Materials — Basalt StoneBrick™, Sustainable Building in Brick and Block

Sustainable Building for an Increasing Population

Mankind is populating the globe at exponential rates. And as a result of Stanford University releasing papers (2017) on the effects of air, and environmental (human intoxication leading to death), pollution caused by brick kilns and brick firing processes in India and throughout the world are causing significant damage. This report does not, however, also broach the already heavily-polluting concrete and steel industries.

As the brick (clay) and concrete block manufacturing industries contribute largely to the amount of embodied energy being dispelled through each, different manufacturing process, there is a natural, abundant source of building material: Basalt.


Embodied Energy created by each Building Material Product type. Image courtesy of

As Earth is comprised of a large proportion of Basalt, and as green mining technology has seen recent advancements, the quarrying process can be seen as a method that is cleaner and, therefore, less detrimental to Earth’s environment than its conventional clay and concrete masonry counterparts.

A cleaner, more durable and more abundant building material is now available through


For many years, mankind has developed technologies, founded through a process of trial-and-error. And now as our planet is being more and more affected by our presence in the way of Global Warming and Climate Change, we see that by utilising an abundant and cleaner source for sustainable building, combined with the durable and hardwearing […]

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