How to: Lower pH organically | | Hydroponic Tech

As standard, Hydroponic gardening relies heavily on the accuracy of pH. Whether growing in soilless aggregates, coco fibre, perlite or even when utilising soil, pH will not only determine the health of your plant above-ground but also microbes in the medium surrounding the roots. With various plants requiring differing levels of acidity, plants will essentially lock out nutrients due to incorrect pH.


The Oak lettuce seedlings pictured, sitting at around 6.5 (pH), enjoy a nitrogen rich diet but low electrical conductivity meaning low amounts of fertilisation or total dissolved solids. Plant sensitivity is directly related to pH. By utilising an active hydroponic system as pictured above, plants will require even less fertiliser than passive-type flood and drain hydroponic systems.

By placing in a metal bowl, stainless steel in this case, tap water, initially at around a pH of 7 (neutral) in this case, can be converted to an highly acidic, 100% organic concentrate that can be used to acidify any potted medium. Add a splash of white vinegar, and an orange peel, and your plants will be rocking to Bob Marley too…

Just remember, this concentrate will need to diluted to any required strength.

This method will definitely be acceptable for use with fish tanks and aquariums.