Operation ReCapture: Cleaning up the Ocean, One Micro-particle at a Time

Through a different lens, we can see things clearer. Perhaps the best ideas are also the simplest.

Incorporating existing technology that is readily available, the Ocean ReCapture Polymer Harvesting Project, aka Operation ReCapture, is proposing to utilize a process what we have named “Cyclic Evaporation” which entails using heat, provided by sources of Renewable Energy to power a mechanized method of separating the salt, laden with plastic or polymer, from the water.

Sounds good? We believe so!

With costings comparable to oil rig manufacture, we have estimates on system costs and know the locations in which the OSB Systems, or Ocean Skimmer Box Systems, will be positioned.  We have invited several Marine Biologists and other scholars to critique this directive.

Current spending estimates per year, on just cleaning ocean fronts, are in the vicinity of over 20 billion dollars (US). This is based on several earlier articles by Cambridge and other schools indicating budgetary constraints used for cleaning up beachfront plastic alone. The above rig would be able to be manufactured for somewhere around US$500m. Therefore, if all countries spent the same amount as what they do now on manufacturing the OSB systems, we could manufacture 40 of this units in one year and be removing approximately 40000 tonne of plastic per day.

This equates to 15,000,000 tonne of plastic removed from our oceans every year.

Now consider, if we built 20 per year over 5 years, 100 ReCapture OSB Systems removing 100,000 tonne of plastic per day equates to 37,500,000 tonne of plastic every year (after 5 years).

So, spending the same amount of money as what we currently do now, half on cleaning up the ocean front and half on manufacturing OSB systems, would ReCapture 37,500,000 tonne of ocean plastic annually (after the 5 year point reached).

Considering that annual ‘ongoing’ ocean plastic pollution contributes some where in the vicinity of 8,000,000 tonne per year (guardian), and that it is on the increase, we can still remove more than what is going in with the current budget being merely re-appropriated.

Plus, the OSB systems can be retrofitted to permanently house renewable energy tech whilst remaining to clean up residual plastics into the future.

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