Organic Computing: Backdating Social Media and Webpages | How do you like them apples?

Looking through different web search results, particularly on google, you will notice ‘dates published’. This can help to provide and assure substantive business presence to customers and also indicate origination of content. But are the dates correct? Ever seen some “date anomalies’? We sure have…

If you are a creative person, inventing new products or services, unfortunately, if your idea is of any worth, it will most likely be imitated or just clean ripped off. This is the way the modern internet works. As there are limits to what you can do to counter this from occurring, it comes down to competition and level of service. Now this game we can play! But, is the playing field fair? No it is not!

As a result of seeing some fairly far-fetched webpage results ourselves, and as we like to ‘cut our own cloth’, Tasha and I have seen the full extent of large corporations trying to hinder and monopolize the market (for whatever purpose). As they have extensive resources and often internal IT departments and programmers on the payroll (even subsidiaries in some cases but that’ll be covered in another topic), this is not hard to do at all. We might now go through some of the things to look out for when arriving to a site or when searching the internet.

  1. The “We were first” Hack

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. In recent years, and as a result of the internet being controlled by the blue-team’ hackers*, it is genuinely hard to believe market anything new that then doesn’t get claimed by large corporates who have the desire or inclination to monopolise the market, however ingenuine their interest is in actually marketing the product that they’d ‘lifted’.


Obviously there was no way possible that this file was uploaded on the 31 Jan, 1973. This was also as a result of Bryan Stralow (Author) releasing This result appears to be no longer on the internet. Nope, its still there! See below…


We like competition, but when it comes to deceit, that should be made an example of. Also, my birthday is the 31st of January but you have the wrong year! I am not that old…


     2. The “was it the same black cat or was it a different cat” multiple entry by      programming (code) change, aka the “deja vu” Hack

We all remember that scene in “the Matrix” where John Wick, aka Neo, aka Keanu Reeves thinks he’d experienced deja vu… the team go on to explain to him that this occurs when the code gets altered or programme has changed. Same goes..

If you arrive at a social media account and it looks like this….


… it means that the content has been “backdated’ and content replicated in order to create a ‘further-reaching’ presence online. Ironically, the “organisation” on the left was as a result of Operation ReCapture’s Ocean Plastic Harvesting Project. The company on the right was as a result of Operation ReCapture’s “Clear the Air” Smog Removal System

If you look at both you will notice distinct similarities. The deja vu code alteration is something that is unavoidable. And as these are very large businesses who have tried to claim these Sustainable Environmental Solutions, we see it as intentional plagiarism and blatant fraud. In saying this, we have a long list of fraudulent behavior which will be released very shortly. Stay Tuned for a long list of proven and quantified allegations of Fraud, Conspiracy, Larceny, Theft, Contract Breach, Racketeering, Negligence, Attempted Assault, Misuse of Public office, the list goes on… none of which are state secrets but have purely been created in order to try to prevent both my wife, Tasha, and my progression.

And as Tasha and I have created some very unique solutions for long running problems, we have been isolated intentionally and harassed to the point of coming forward.

This IS coming out NOW!

Authored by Bryan Stralow, creator of basalt bricks, Joint Systems Expansion Joints, Operation ReCapture, co-creator of Camp Baby, Melbourne Dressmaker, and Father of 4 soon to be 5!