20 year Conspiracy: Racketeering, Collusion, Theft, Illegal Surveillance | Hugh Macken, NSW Law Society

Part One: A Blue Ocean of Deceit — Enough is Enough 

Bryan Stralow


As a result of initially drafting this document in different formats, and in recital of these items and scenarios, I saw that it would be most befitting to write this in a quasi-autobiographical, memoir-styled novel. This being said, all items in this document are true insofar as my own recollection of memory and data collection in the way of screen shots, documents and other web-based hyperlinks. The purpose for the depth that I have provided will be evident as the document continues. Everything is connected.

The events contained in this ledger of sorts, and their respective chronological order, have been structured in the same manner in which they have unfolded. All identities have been kept as true and accurate as I have no fear in legal repercussion.

They have taken my all; my eldest two children, Jada and Mason, I miss you both and love you with all my heart, everything I have worked for over two decades and have nearly killed my wife, Tasha, and I, and my two, soon to be three infants under 5 years of age, which has been achieved through being held in something called the “Rotary Lock”. Evidence of all of which has transpired is stored in metadata and ‘soft digital format’ being screenshots and hardcopy/ .pdf documents.

It is those that have been named who need to be concerned and publically shamed for what has transpired within the pages herein. The contents of this editorial show the systematic collusion that occurs in a small community, or country for that matter, that dictates how people live and whether success is achieved. The blue team really do think they know everything. This is the destructive force that has driven a wedge in Australian society; fueled by the greedy, power hungry and the “political elite”. Political Elite – talk about an oxymoron… they are all trying to outweigh natural talent with success. Something akin to a reverse “Peter Syndrome” where one is limited by his or her inabilities.

To paraphrase, the guilt shall lay with the guilty for I have nothing to fear. You have stolen so much money and my intellectual property from me. You have wronged my wife, my children, and me, and have turned one that was once interested into your distinct and unrelenting enemy. This will be so; until death. Mark my words. So it shall be written.

A youthful vengeance is better trained in the way of the old master: patient and cautious. Pick up your calipers and make your measurement with your lazy hand, not with your marking hand. One is mistaken to use the calipers in any other way, for doing so, will mean that you need to stop measuring in order to make your mark.


~Bryan Stralow, Stone Carver

 No Country for Young Ambition

I met Emma when I was 18. Having had a break-up with my first ‘true lust’ one year prior, my life was in a state of adolescent flux; bored with, what I now know to be my misaligned family life– one that had been so adversely affected by tragedy many years before my birth– and circumstances that were out of my control. Emma was a friend of a friend. Within 8 months of knowing each other, Emma had fallen pregnant. Damn, Mum was right again.

Despite our youth, we decided to have a shot at raising our young daughter, Jada. Beautiful and precious, our daughter was born, healthy and happy, contrary to the wishes of Emma’s family that wanted Emma to have an abortion. Emma’s father, Robyn, had given Emma and myself an ultimatum; either abort the pregnancy, or Emma would be excluded from her family. What a choice! Emma chose the latter, much to her own pain and sacrifice. For that, I commended Emma, as the obnoxious man that now calls himself “Grandfather” indeed had cut Emma off. To her strength. It was a difficult position to be in. For the simple things were unnecessarily made difficult. Emma had to meet with her mother, Dorothy, in private in order to maintain a relationship and to exchange niceties like birthday and Christmas presents. This also tainted my relationship with Emma’s family. Something we have never managed to recover.

So it was, Emma moved in with me at my Parents house until we could afford to rent a house on our own. Once that had occurred, things had started to shift. As I had left school and started work in order to make an income to raise Jada, I had no formal certificate, direction or goals; I was an 18 year old father, what did you expect? My only goal was to try to make an income for my young family. Emma was working as a legal secretary for legal conveyance office in a small suburban town located in Sydney called Wentworthville.

Times were tough. My family was a middle class family with both parents working two jobs at times during the 1980’s to make ends meet. My father, Geoff, was a school teacher and deputy principal and my mother, Val, worked as a school accountant. Money was scarce at times but my parents did the best that they could; raising four children, making us strong and providing to our needs.

Money was still scarce with Emma and I, and having to work in construction as a labourer, it is extremely hard. Sydney was, and still is, a cut-throat city; hard, cold and brutal at the best of times. We rented a house in Blacktown, Western Sydney, for that is all that we could afford. Plus, it was closer to Emma’s mother and siblings, Jason, Rebekah and Daniel. Robyn was still not talking to his daughter nor wanting to see his granddaughter.

Difficult times did prevent our progression. I was finding it hard to progress as the construction industry fluctuates and you often find yourself in the perpetual job hunt. This caused a huge rift as Emma was stable in her job and I was not.

The success of Emma’s eldest brother, Jason who, in 1998, started an IT cabling business right before the Y2K bug hysteria, was the reason for Emma’s stability. Jason, who was an electrician by trade working for some large electrical contractors in Sydney, made quick inroads and progressed further than most. Emma was then working for Jason as an administrator providing support to her older brother, and Mays, Jason’s business partner.

At the same time, I had been lucky enough to start with several large scale landscaping companies, a Manly Vale-based landscaper, and a Berowra Waters-based company and progress was made. I was a foreman at 20 and running crews building retaining walls and structural landscaping at the Sydney Olympic Stadium and village. The owners of these companies had seen my capability and sought to advance my position by providing me the opportunity. This did not last for long as I had a car accident and lost my ability to perform in my role; therefore, losing my position.

So it was back to the classifieds to find work. Months went by and my personal situation deteriorated further. Be it luck or destiny, I found myself working in a Sandstone Quarry. I loved it. Running saws and working stone, I felt in my element. As I progressed, I then found employment with a Stonemason working in North Rocks region of Sydney’s Northwest; my first experience in carving stone.

Pier caps, retaining walls and front fences were predominately what I was doing at that time. I was starting my trade and learning a lot. Drafting and carving in stone was now my newly found love.

As I was ambitiously still looking to progress, I had then found a Fixer Masons position at a Cathedral in Parramatta, which had been damaged in a fire. My previous boss, Andrew, wished me all the best and was envious of my new role. He was a good man; genuine and true. It was in this position with Ad Astra Stone Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based restoration firm just starting up in Sydney, that I had my first experience with restoration masons. Stefan, a German Master Mason, hired me on the spot. He was an extremely experienced and intelligent mason with skills that far surpassed anyone else I had met at that time or any time since. I had truly found my path after being, what I thought, as previously lost.


Emma’s father Robyn had finally come around and ‘reclaimed’ his position as Grandfather when our second child, Mason, was born; some two and half years after Jada. My first son was as healthy as his sister, but at 22, we still had limited financial resource. Emma was employed on a part time basis to try and keep money coming in, as Sydney is a very expensive place to live. Robyn and I still didn’t see eye-to-eye.

The birth of our second child, Mason, was looked at as turning point in our relationship. Reinvigorated, we had a second chance to set things right.

It was around this time that Emma and I really started to have major issues. I was enjoying my trade and my newly found friends. Late nights, coming home drunk, I was an asshole; trying to be “one of the boys.” The male hedonist came out but despite never cheating on her with any other woman, Emma was already convinced that this had occurred, and as a result, we had already separated a couple of times and things were rough. We were both still very young and working through changes that occur in peoples lives.

Emma had developed a defensive mechanism in keeping my kids away from me everytime we had separated. This was also to make me want to come back, and it generally did work. Over the 11 years of being together, it worked every time we had separated. So we were trying again.

The Church

And then it happened. A section of scaffold collapsed that I was working on at St.Patricks Cathedral, a site run by the Sydney-based St.Hilliers building company, as a result of Endeavour Scaffolding Pty Ltd being the contractor who had not safely completed works, or sectioned off the scaffold that they had not finished prior to going on their lunch break. It was the start to a very long period in my life which still affects me in more ways than one. As there had been no WorkCover involvement or report made, and with St. Hilliers, the Contractor, intentionally covering this up, in conjunction with the assistance of Ad Astra Stone Pty Ltd who was my employer at that time, I then went through 3 operations and intensive rehabilitation to recover my leg that was damaged.


During the rehabilitation period, Emma returned to work full time and I was taking care of Jada & Mason. Taking Jada to school and looking after Mason in between operations and hydrotherapy/ physiotherapy was my daily routine. I remember having my leg newly operated on and carrying my sleeping son to pick up my daughter. There were other parents who had noticed this and were feeling sorry for me. This made me very angry that others could see it and that I had no help. Emma was coming home late at night and having secret conversations. She was having an affair with Mays, Jason’s business partner. So again, Emma and I separated.

On this occasion of us being separated, I was ‘living’ out of my car and sleeping on couches of friends when I could. After returning to light duties and after work one Friday, the guys and I went down to a local pub and were drinking. I had met a woman that night and did sleep with her. It was Christmas Eve, I was without my children and I was very unhappy. Depressed as some would say.

Tom Carson, my employer and owner of Ad Astra Stone Pty Ltd, paid for my rehabilitation. Tom is a good man but unfortunately, did not look after his employee to the most legal extent as required as he had made no open legal back claim or charge to St. Hilliers who were ultimately responsible for the accident. There was no Workcover investigation or record of the accident that occurred due to site mismanagement and/or intentional negligence.

The extent of the cover up became very clear when Mr. Hugh Macken, a preeminent Sydney lawyer whom had taken my case on a “pro bono” basis, as a direct result of carrying out discussions with St.Hilliers and others involved, had called me into his office to provide me with the news that Endeavour Scaffolding Pty Ltd had liquidated and that there was “no one to sue”.

Endeavour Scaffolding Pty Ltd is still trading under a different name in the Sydney area.

Hugh Macken, who was later named as President of the NSW Law Society, taking advantage of my age and situation, did not mention bringing suit against St. Hilliers, being the head contractor, nor Ad Astra Stone Pty Ltd, being my employer. As I was 23 at the time, having gone through huge amounts of physical, financial and relationship drama at home with Emma, rehabilitation and everything else, I was in shock. I didn’t question why due to not realising. No one told me that I could.


The CMFEU, the building and construction union in Australia, was not involved whatsoever even though I was a paid member. Nothing happened. Complete and collusive shut down. This would not be the last time that this occurred in my life.

Hugh Macken is still in Sydney working within his partnership position of Beston, Macken & McManis.

And so, after this occurred, once again Emma and I had separated, and once again I had returned to try again. I loved my children and Emma would restrain them from me which really hurt—more than anything. After several weeks of returning, and as a result of the woman whom I had slept with while being separated calling and messaging me, Emma believed that she had finally had the evidence that she’d always looked for. She was right in many ways. Not only did I betray myself that night and I betrayed my kids. As a result of this occurring, Emma swore that she would get back at me. She did manage to do this in many ways with people that were close with me, with family members of mine and friends of hers. We were not a healthy couple; exuding pure toxicity.

Emma, during all of the above, had begun cheating on me with my sister’s husband and one of her work colleagues, Mays. Eduardo, my sister Jessica’s husband, would come around my house when I was working my second job at night; working as a doorman in Sydney’s Kings Cross and Inner City was all that I could do to try to regain multiple incomes. I found this out as Emma had taken photos of Ed at night without my presence. Emma never explained why this had occurred but I knew already. I was running a stonemasonry business during business hours because no one would hire someone that had just injured himself at work. It was really tough having a physical injury and building/ repairing sea walls, other stone structures and carrying out monumental works.

I finally called it a day in our relationship for the last time after being ridiculed and embarrassed, publicly and continually, out of spite. It was a destructive relationship and one that we had both persevered due to having two great kids. We weren’t sleeping together in the same bed and argued on a daily basis. After discussing with Emma about who should be the one to leave, and as she stated clearly that it wouldn’t be her, I made the move; away from my kids and everything I had worked for. I left with nothing.

Starting from scratch, I fell into the deepest depression I had ever experienced. I had moved to a small two-bedroom apartment in Castle Hill and bought second hand furniture. Mum helped out where she could. All that I owned was my tools and the second hand furniture that Mum had helped out with. Emma got everything, the house, the car and, most importantly, the kids. For nearly 6 months I didn’t see them.

Some months went by and my tools were stolen by my other sister Laura’s brother-in-law, Glen. Glen was/ is an outcast and a crazy guy. He’s the type to blow your arm off with a shotgun, which actually happened to another guy I know. I knew it was Glen due to the burnout (skid mark) he’d left after breaking the lock on my garage and stealing all of my tools. He had the same lop-sided, right-handed skid mark on his home driveway. Same tyre tread, same car. Glen had previously come around and we had been drinking earlier that month. He had seen all of the tools and obviously thought of getting paid at my expense. It really was the last thing that I had needed at that time.

Things were not looking good. Even though I had secured contracts with Waverley Cemetery and other works around Sydney, and despite my tools being insured, I began to look for full time employment.

Enter, Gary Power and the Reinforced Earth Company (Reco).


The Reinforced Earth Company

Reco are an Engineered Products Company based in Hornsby, Sydney. Reco, as a company, initiated its presence in Australia as a franchised company and then as a subsidiary of Freyssinet, a French Engineering Consultancy that deals with Geotechnical Mining and Civil works. Freyssinet are owned entirely by Vinci Constructions; one of Europe’s largest contractors.

Working at Reco was great. It was exactly what I had needed. I was being accepted and progressing; receiving recognition and awards for excellence in my role as Project Coordinator. Gary Power had really transformed the company, turning it into the engineering powerhouse that it is today. Reco have provided several hundred thousand square metres of retaining walls and tunnelling systems for roadworks and civil projects all over Australia and throughout the APAC region. For that, Gary was one of a few that was responsible for that.

It was my first experience in working with a true organisation. Quality assured and bureaucratic, Reco was my initiation into the corporate world and Gary was my mentor. He led with determination; accurately calculative by nature, with everything being documented. Over the 3 years I was there, I managed over $30m worth of projects and was in my element. Working with the likes of John Holland, Seymour White, Leightons, Abigroup, Fulton Hogan; all the big names in Australian construction. Gary was really well respected and revered by all I had spoken with, albeit, the comments usually indicated knowledge of Gary’s iron fisted approach. That actually impressed me as something to aspire to.

My home life got a lot better too. More money did not mean more problems. It was the direct opposite. The only thing that was still wrong was my relationship with my kids, provoked by Emma. Emma saw it that she would, again, detach my children from me; limiting the times that I saw them. I argued and fought with Emma, begging for the right to see my kids. This, I now understand, is actually a form of brainwashing that borders on abuse but as a single father, you have very limited recourse as Child Support Services are really only there for one parent, the ‘care giver’.

Emma finally agreed to let me have my children 50% of the time. It was great. I would take them to school and pick them up. Everything was lovely for 2 months. Then it changed. It was as a result of causing problems with Gary and work as I wasn’t starting as early as I had (even though I would start before 9am every morning) and I would have to leave work earlier than 5pm in order to pick them up from after school care. Gary mentioned this to me and said I’d have to ‘work something else out’.

Another month passed and Gary called me into his office. He had stated that there was a mining project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and that I would need to go over for it. I had explained to Gary at that moment that I had just fought for my kids and won the agreement of one week on and one week off. He then stated that “kids personalities are usually formed by the time they are 5 years old” and that “it wouldn’t be for long.” He also stated that it was in my job description and that I had to go. It was “what I had signed up for”. I agreed, reluctantly, and it is something that I sincerely regret to this day.

In retrospect this was a turning point in my relationship with my kids. Emma was then able to use the line ‘you chose work over your children’. I was trapped. And sure enough, my children did change towards me. Emma continued to engineer and fabricate events to make me look bad in the eyes of Jada and Mason. On my 30th birthday, and as I had found this out much later, she had told me that I wouldn’t be able to see them and that if I came there, she wouldn’t be there. Emma had done this before many times over the past years. I believed her.

As I was later informed by Jada in an argument, Emma had indeed proceeded to get the kids ready that night on my 30th birthday and had told them that I was coming to pick them up. Obviously this didn’t occur and they were left there waiting.

My Brother, the Arsonist

In 2008, whilst I held my position at the Reinforced Earth Co, my brother, Kevan Stralow, decided to steal $23,000 and burn down a restaurant in Melbourne, where he was employed as General Manager. Fifteen was owned by Jamie Oliver, the philanthropic celebrity chef, and Jamie’s business partner, Toby Puttock, who now runs and operates the Prahran Market in Melbourne.


As my sister Laura is a chartered accountant, Kevan requested that Laura look at the restaurant ‘Fifteen’ that he was managing. Laura’s comment was “it surprising that it is staying afloat”, suggesting that the restaurant was in debt and not looking like turning a profit anytime soon.

Kevan was convicted and sentenced, all the while stating that he was not guilty. Unfortunately for my brother, he had been caught leaving the building on ACDC lane in Melbourne CBD some fifteen minutes prior to smoke billowing out of the window of the basement restaurant. Many years later, I will receive spam followers on instagram by the name of ‘volunteerpyro’ but I will get to this another time…

When returning to work at Reco, my direct superior, Mr James Bye, Former Operations Manager at the Reinforced Earth Company, questioned me about my brother saying “ What’s going on with your brother?” My response to James was that he should mind his own business and that it had nothing to do with me.

Pacific Highway, Somersby

During a massive storm event that occurred in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, approximately 1 hour north of Sydney, a deteriorated steel culvert that held up a section of highway gave way under the pressure of the torrential stormwater. And as a result of the storm damage, a family of 5, including 3 children, were swept away and killed in the raging torrent.


As a result of the structural failure, and in lieu of the replacement, I was handed the project, what is now apparent, as Project Manager. Gary Power had earlier sent a memorandum regarding the confidential nature of the project and stated that all media inquiries must be handed to him personally if approached. This increased the level of concern in regards to the legalities of the case due to the heightened interest created by Gary Power. With several team members already on edge in regards to this project, I approached Gary to discuss these legalities with him. I was basically told to stay in my place.

Some 3 years later, in 2012, the NSW state coroner found that Gosford City Council, not the RTA, were to blame in regards to this failure as a direct result of a lack of surveillance.

Nothing in the legal sense has occurred since. This was my final project with the Reinforced Earth Company. The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) has now changed to the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS).

University of Technology, Sydney

Around the same time, I had commenced my MBA at the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS). It was something that I was really enjoying as it was providing an in-depth take on business and human interaction. That was, by far my favourite subject; business organisation and the human interaction that runs it. Not so much the accounting…

James had promoted me to Project Manager as I had been excelling in my position as Project Coordinator. As a result of Gary catching wind of this promotion, Gary called me into his office and questioned me about (a) my new title, and (b) the MBA study that was apparently “taking me away from my duties”. James, when questioned by Gary, back flipped on both items stating that the title of Project Manager was “just a name” and that he hadn’t verified my studying the MBA at UTS. Gary had then provided me with an ultimatum “choose either the MBA or continue working with Reco”. My response was, “ I think that you will be disappointed by my choice” and “ Aren’t I able to provide better service to Reco’s clients by furthering my education?”

Gary’s response was that the “Project Coordinator role does not require an MBA”.

Within two weeks, in and around August 2009, I was provided two documents, one was a resignation where I would retain all benefits in conjunction with a company reference and the other was a termination where I’d retain all legal rights but lose reference and some severance pay items.

Gary had also carried out the same method of termination with the RECO Precast Manager, who we will call Jason in 2012. In this case, Jason was successful in proving unfair dismissal through the FairWork Ombudsman and offered a pay out. Some of the conditions of that settlement pertained to ‘non-disclosure. After many years, I went to see my friend and colleague in Queensland. Rebecca, Jason’s wife, had disclosed that Jason was paid out and that they had received a settlement. Rebecca also made mention to the silencing subclause.

As I was then made unemployed, or rather unemployable by Gary within the associated construction industry, I was still continuing on with the MBA when a previous contact by the name of Crib Retaining Walls Pty Ltd, now trading as Crib Civil, owned by Andrew May, offered me a job as Business Development Manager, subsequently offering to move me down to Melbourne. I agreed, as I had no luck in finding a suitable replacement position in Sydney due to Gary’s continued intent on hindering my progress.

Within five months of arriving, Andrew had terminated my role and paid for my relocation back to Sydney. Look like Gary had stopped my MBA studies after all.

Perhaps it was due to me telling Gary that he was ‘the most insecure man that I had ever met in my life’ that he had then intentionally slandered me to industry colleagues. Every time I applied for future roles I was shunned with a direct reference to Reco. Once I made it through to an interview with Humes Precast and after the meeting Humes Precast Products it was, said out of the office, “I know Gary”

Not surprisingly, I didn’t get the job.

Gary had also sent an email to Reco employees warning them to direct all employment reference requests relating to me, directly to his office. Apparently it was also stated that Reco employees would not be able to discuss any items with me outside of his presence.

The new Perth Childrens Hospital

The facade expansion joint design enabled the new Perth Childrens’ Hospital Head Contractor, John Holland Group Pty Ltd (JHG), to ‘further’ reduce the designed steel density on the vertical structural steel elements of the curtain wall known as “mullions”, by approximately 15-30% when compared to what was then considered conventional or previous structural equivalents. It also meant that the mullion would not need to be filled or fire rated to prevent fire transferring between floors.


In all practicality, this meant that JHG saved approximately AUD$8m from the project. Ironically, this was approximately the same amount the Yuanda Australia Pty Ltd, the provider of the curtain wall, had withheld by JHG from their final payment claim.

It was also planned to then pin all the blame on Joint Systems (my company), and myself, if something had gone wrong, for example, in the event of a fire; as the T6 Aluminium Alloy mullion, which melts at approximately 800˙c, was reduced to bare minimum thickness or ‘density’. Apparently ‘value engineering’ applies to loopholes in the Building Fire Code. The mullions on that project are empty which would only hasten the movement of a fire due to a vacuum effect.

Rob Marchant, a well-known John Holland operative whom Gary Power was very familiar with was a senior member of the John Holland new Perth Children’s Hospital project team.

The Holland’s Perth team intentionally set up the above scenario with the assistance of “previous background knowledge” provided to the ‘team’ by Gary Power.

As a result of the publishing this Linkedin’s slideshare, “they”, being JHG, EMSEAL joint systems, and the projects design consortium consisting of Aurecon Australia, Cox Architecture, Billard Leece Partnership, Jones Coulter and Young (JCY) Architects and Norman Disney and Young (NDY), would subsequently not be able to do so as a direct result of me publishing my concerns over the lack of in-situ history, and testing, of a joint in that condition. Notification of the lack of in-situ testing, in combination with the non-fire resistant foam of the expansion joint, was provided to JHG, as at that time, the fire resistant aspect was contained in a fire rated bellows external coating.

There was no response in regards to this item received from JHG at that time.

No fire testing had been carried out on the Joint Systems (my company) revised version or ‘new’ type of EMSEAL Expansion Joint that was provided to JHG. JHG were intent on utilising, and had submitted for state approval based on previous testing results and certification on the older, less flexible and sound-attenuating “Colorseal” expansion joint product which was essentially different material being made from a denser and heavier pre-compressed polyurethane foam product.

Kamy Saeedi Lawyers, Canberra

Armed with the knowledge that my first cousin, Tom Barrington-Smith, had just passed his bar exam, I decided to contact Tom in the hope that we could help work through the above items. Tom had commenced his tenure as a commercial lawyer working for a predominantly-criminal law firm, Kamy Saeedi who are based in Canberra, Australia.


As a result of Tom’s response after he had received the case details, Dr. Chris Ward, a renowned international barrister, was brought in to discuss the international jurisdictional issues surrounding suing EMSEAL, an American expansion joint manufacturer with whom we had had an exclusive supply agreement for the project. EMSEAL provided the joints to the project despite having a contractual obligation to Joint Systems.

Dr. Chris Ward, who is also based in Sydney and works within the same NSW Law Council framework as Hugh Macken, then preceded to offer his advice on Intellectual Property (IP), apparently providing the spoken advice without the request of Tom Barrington-Smith. As a result of a sit-down meeting without my presence and based on Dr. Wards advice, Kamy Saeedi Lawyers “moved away” from IP without reasoning provided. When questioned about the IP issue, I was told “we cannot comment on this item as your bill has not been paid”. I also have it in writing from Kamy Saeedi that the account was settled and no payment would be required as a “favour”. A response has still not been provided to us by Kamy Saeedi nor my ‘cousin’.

Kamy Saeedi never once mentioned any of the rights that my company, The Trajan Group Pty Ltd, had with against any Australian companies and their assets. The intellectual property item was never returned and is now being used in a widespread application in order to reduce mullion steel density in an undetermined amount of projects. No passing off has occurred in regards to this design item which is of huge economic benefit.

Kamy Saeedi also did not enquire with John Holland as to any enabling a breach of contract with John Holland as JHG defied the information at hand providing to them by Joint Systems and “went international with it” as mentioned by John Holland Groups Legal Counsel, Marc Mannes via telephonic discussion.

GHD/ Force 10 Homes

Australian Engineering Company GHD was involved with an engineered house project via a breach of confidentiality, provided to GHD by a previous employee by the name of Amir Farazmand. I had met Amir in a previous role whilst working for an Engineered Products company who designed and manufactured Geotechnical products many years earlier. Amir mentioned that he would be fine with signing a confidentiality agreement.


Amir had signed an appropriately issued confidentiality agreement and was sent integral details surrounding the design of a very unique house in lieu of patent application.

Within a month of signing and receiving the information, GHD had arranged a “Australian Grand Opening” with a remote location building company whom had built accommodation structures on mine sites, Force 10; albeit, their structures were not fire rated nor where they residential house designs. As their spiel indicated a word-for-word likeness and that their home design had been changed significantly from their mine site huts, it was obvious what had occurred.

GHD had received the information through Amir who had shared our unique design whilst under confidentiality, which then led to the Force 10 house design adapting our unique, and then still unpatented, design and marketing spiel.


GHD, who had just merged with a Canadian company Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, had stolen the design and marketing and subsequently sold the Force 10 building design to Queensland builder, Canstruct for AUD$20m.

Amir Farazmand is now running a Geotechnical business in Sydney under the name Geotesta.


Through the assistance of family members we were able to make our way out of Perth despite Freemasons WA trying their “best” to keep us there and stifle any further legal response. This also extended to several Government departments. It is my belief that they were attempting to make us homeless; thereby taking away all potential to sue in order to reclaim the IP that was just stolen in the cases of GHD and John. As we were waiting at the airport for the plane, a mercantile collections agent by the name of Mark Mason contacted me to find our location as he was outside our property in Wilson, WA.

He apparently was acting on behalf of Toyota Finance as the car was in arrears. There was, however, no court order made for the repossession at that time. This would not be the last time I talked with Mr. Mason.

As we had returned to Sydney initially to stay intermittently with my parents, we had decided to move to Queensland as my parents didn’t have the room. Tasha had relatives in Queensland as we needed support in order to get back on our feet. We drove up the coast through a tropical depression with our belongings on a trailer and left the contents, tired and saturated, at Tasha’s Uncles house. We had nowhere to go. Tasha’s family had their own issues.

As I was able to sell some items in order to lease a place in Surfers Paradise and found work where I could. No matter where I’d work it was as if they knew my name. It was looking pretty hopeless until I remembered a very good man by the name of Roy. I had met Roy and his wife years earlier while I was in Sydney around the age of 19. Roy owned a stone yard in Somersby selling sandstone from his quarry in Rockhampton that he ran with his family. He offered me a job at the Rockhampton Quarry, which I regretfully turned down as I had just had my little girl.

I remembered this good-natured man from a time when people had treated me differently. His son, Reece, still running the quarry, was the reason we were able to survive at that time. Through the memory of this great man, I was able to save my family from what had occurred. Through the memory of someone who had passed and through leaving his great legacy to someone equally as great—someone who had helped a family that was struggling on a level that few can fathom, I was able to also able to pay tribute to my Grandfather, and to my Australia, as the work that was provided to me at that time was inscribing an Anzac Monument in Emu Park, QLD.

Despite carrying out the works, it became very obvious that my ‘reputation’ had followed.

Bill, Artist and Town Planner, who also originated from Sydney, had obviously found out what was occurring. The project, run through the RSL, Emu Park Lions Club and the Bendigo Bank, was for the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli battle. The mood shifted completely and although I had completed the works as requested, I had to argue to obtain my final payment.

Reece had also lined up work with a man by the name of Nobbs. I worked at the Nobbs residence and it was then that I had realised that there was a distinct problem with us, not just me, but with Tasha too. Tasha, being half Maori, really didn’t sit well with the white establishment up in Rockhampton. We haven’t been released from the black and white spam’ at all. It would seem that the South Africans that we had been dealing with in Perth and the US/ Canada were still the racists that they once were. They just don different flags now and run corporations.

But as a result of ‘Nobbsy’ not paying what was agreed, stealing my building method and cutting the project short, and despite Reece offering more work, we made the decision to move back down to Brisbane. It was not intended to offend Reece, our moving, but it was as a result of what was occurring. He just didn’t know about the full extent of what was going on. That redneck cracker scum also stole a pack of my cigarettes. How does that happen? One of the richest men in QLD and he’s stealing my smokes! He also bad-mouthed Reece so I told him where to go. What a douche! But it wouldn’t be the last from ol’ Nobbsy either. Swings and roundabouts…


Brisbane was slow progress but it was progress. Despite being offered a job for $55/ hour committing to it and upon arrival only being paid $35, I worked it out. Two adults and two infants were living in a one-bedroom short stay apartment. Sleeping in a king size bed. After leaving the original job, I started my own business yet again. Retaining Walls, and it went well. I made good money and worked my ass off. A company manufacturing retaining walls called QPRO and I became ‘good friends’. They would pass over quotes and I’d quote on them.

Unfortunately, they were using my pricing to offset another company’s pricing wherein they had provided the other party with enhanced procurement rates. QPRO had given me more expensive supply rates and obviously, as a result, I wasn’t winning any of their referred work. The only work that I had won was obtained through my advertising. As before, the ‘reputation’ caught up with me. I was, however, ‘awarded’ three jobs in pretty quick succession, in which, I could tell by their interaction, and by incurring further delay costs, that they did not want to it to work well. They were definitely conspiring, yet again, to ruin what I had going and, again, they’d succeeded. Due to losing out on these jobs, we moved yet again.

But not before Mr Mark Mason from Perth had caught up with us. I had been in conversations with Mr Mark Mason whom I had arranged payment of an amount of $4000 on the Toyota vehicle. Toyota also played a role in the having applied for the repossession order and not informed the magistrate of a $4000 payment that was made.

The magistrate that made the order without the knowledge of the $4000 payment made to Mr Masons collection agency, the honourable Gary Finger of Southport QLD, who is now retired, saw it acceptable that he backdate and initial a legal document in that repossession order. There was no invitation to attend the QLD magistrate’s court as the hearing, from my perspective, did not occur.

After the repossession took place, I immediately paid the remaining amount in full. Toyota proceeded to still sell the car despite the amount having been settled immediately. Toyota are also involved in this and have also been acting completely out of line.


Springton, SA was a lovely spot. Tasha was manufacturing organic cotton baby items and we were looking good. As a result of being bothered by the design on the hospital, I saw it as my only way of voicing my concerns over the design of the curtain wall on the new Perth Childrens Hospital. In a roundabout way, I was actually responsible as I, or more so Join Systems, facilitated the removal of ‘mass’ from the steel mullion and removed any requirement for the mullion to be filled.

It was the best way forward to publish the details of the curtain wall construction. It was the best way I could warn people and protect my family from an elaborate scheme to commence profiteering through the efficiency-based structural design. The expansion joint that was created for that project is special. It far surpassed EMSEAL’s previous product.

In this, Lester Hensley, EMSEAL CEO was reluctant to provide the comparative result as it was of significant improvement on the previous product model. It had gone from good to great; great enough for the WA State Government to accept it after a year of design and the acoustical testing (only) of the new joint material. Even the fact that it was tested again indicates a new product with increased performance.

The grey area used by the “Consortium” in Leightons/ John Holland and associated Architects, to profit and essentially withhold payment to Yuanda Australia Pty Ltd is/was wrong and it needs to be checked. As stated, this new technology needs to be restricted in its use in order to prevent an obvious, and avoidable, hazard. It was at this time that we noticed a shift, yet again. I had started to proclaim the defects and potential hazard that was a part of the Childrens Hospital design. It was not well received. We had surveillance initiated at that time by the Australian Federal Police and had several dual engine Cessna aircraft flying over head everyday. There was also a distinct difference in the township of Springton and Birdwood big enough to notice.

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital

The new Perth Childrens Hospital innovative design was also seen as an opportunity by JHG’s then parent company, Leighton Holdings, and building partner Hansen Yuncken, for the same design and expansion joint detail to be utilised on the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) with the same type of financial benefit.


Considering that the nRAH structure is twice the physical size of the new Perth Childrens Hospital, this equated to approximately $12m in savings when compared to previous curtain wall structures. Both projects were recently passed by the Building Commission in both Western Australia and South Australia due to the Building Fire Code only extending to the ‘edge of slab’.

This was the real reason for the Australian Federal Police’s initial involvement, and surveillance via fly-over whilst we were living in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. As a result of not receiving any response by then opposition Labor Minister for WA, Mark McGowan, who is now WA Premier, nor Nick Xenophon South Australian political party elected member Rebekha Sharkie, we decided to move in order to evade the continuing harassment received via text message and telephone call.


With continued surveillance and fly-overs, we decided to move to Victoria as my wife Tasha is a dressmaker and the fashion industry in Melbourne allured her. We had leased a property in the Boonah region of the Otways, located approximately 2 hours from Melbourne.

CAMP BABY, an organic cotton manufacturer, was created by my wife and I whilst we lived in Boonah, Victoria. In an effort to enhance and optimise our online presence, we had initially signed up with WordPress for our site campbaby.net. As WordPress was limited at that time and we were unable to sell items on that platform, we had purchased an ecommerce platform through Shopify.

Things weren’t going well with the shop on Shopify with conversions really low and our propogation was not occurring at all on google search so I knew there was something wrong. We had created the blog organiclifestyle.blog, due to being affected with dietary concerns personally and in conjunction with selling CAMP BABY merchandise, we saw it as a perfect way to complement our online objective. Creating reciprocal links is a great way to enhance SEO. It didn’t work as it should have so I definitely knew something was awry.

So I started to look at the website certificates and the “back end” as much as what the platform allowed. I had recalled a way to check a security certificate by entering into the admin panel through shopify and then signing out. Once the sign out had occurred, you simply click the back button and, hey presto, you should be on the same log out page or in other words the SSL security should block you from being able to back click. This was not occurring on Shopify as they had intentionally left it open. If you had clicked the back button it would allow you access to our ‘secure’ admin panel.

This was extremely weird. Shopify had not reason for doing so. We had only major problems from Shopify and wasted thousands. As a result of online spam and being hacked, we believed that the connection to us and our situation was too distinct and obvious to not draw a conclusion. Shopify are based in Canada. I also knew that both EMSEAL and GHD had significant presence in the South eastern section of Canada. GHD also have an external IT subsidiary based throughout the region. It was outrageous.

To think that what we had been dealing with here in Australia would extend to the States and Canada was insane. It did make sense though. We were prevented once again from generating an income. Again, we were in the “Rotary Lock”.

This, in turn, corrupted the security of the site and subsequently caused our site to fail in both google search and when customers would visit the sites checkout. Once we had confirmed this detail, we had to pull the site. We lost a lot at that point.

During the creation and development of the organiclifestyle.blog, I was researching a lot on the topics of diet and nutrition. It was as a result of receiving a pamphlet in the mail for a rock phosphate fertiilser. After looking further into the matter, it became clearly obvious that there were some significant health issues surrounding the use of the pure rock phosphates. Australia has some of the purest rock phosphates in the world with Cadmium levels sitting around twice that of the World Health Organisation regulations upper bound limit of 150mg/kg. Australian Rock Phosphates sit at around 300mg/kg. I am assuming that this is as a result of the land mass not experiencing the last ice age and therefore remained ‘unwashed’ from the thaw that occurred elsewhere around the world.

Obviously there are some sensitive topics surrounding the cadmium issues. There were also some questions surrounding the lack of recognition of cadium as a carcinogen nor was there any link shown between skin cancer and cadmium use. Farmers have been handling these phosphates for years and they had not been label due to workcover not regulating the farming industry.

We had also drawn commonalities and potential conflict of interest between AUS-MEATS, Australian Meat Regulator and a fully owned Organic Qualification Lab called AUS-QUAL. Once looking at the coincidences and some of the products that were being labelled as “Organic”, we believe that the surveillance was illegal, once again, and arranged by the Australian Governments Agricultural Department and Barnaby Joyce’s office.

This is when it became really bad. The planes had returned and increased. We have had helicopters shaking our house at 2am, waking up our kids. Recently we were being tailgated by unmarked detectives that were travelling within 3 or 4 metres from our car whilst driving 100km/h. Once realising that they were being filmed they hightailed it and exited from the highway but not before cutting dangerously close in front of another car.

The death threats were more obvious, directing the intent of the material found online toward Tasha as well as myself. This has not stopped for the past 3 years. We have been absolutely inundated with really bad, negative and threatening paid advertisements. Harassment in our personal lives through the Freemasons VIC has been ongoing due to our presence here in Victoria.

As a result of designing an integral component on the new Perth Children’s Hospital, my wife Tasha and I, have been, and are continuing to be, unlawfully surveilled by the Australian Federal Police, harassed by Victorian Police, several members of the Rotary Club, Lions Club and Freemasons WA and VIC, along with other companies and members of the general Building and Construction community, due to exposing unsafe elements of the facade interface joint design, which I designed, and shared on some 3 years ago and for publishing documents that they considered to be ‘unfavourable’ items on the organiclifestyle.blog (see Victoria Section below).

We have received continued death threats, intimidation and badgering from a wide range of people belonging to the above groups. Our computers have been hacked and also our phones.

It is still continuing. As a result of developing solutions in order to prevent pollution and clean up the place, building sustainably or manufacturing or even discussing organic goods, we have noticed blatant and overwhelmingly obvious attempt after attempt at, yet again, stopping our progression.


Editors’ summary

However received, the above will be beneficial to explain our demise in the event that the threats become more serious. Some other people who need to be mentioned are Jim Prigg, Worshipful Master of Colac Lodge, Phil Boyd of the same, and to Colac for not only trying to stifle our progress but for your consistent downtreading of your youth who are obviously unhappy with the sourness that you are sowing in your wicked ways. To the rest of Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and South Australia, there are some whom have continued to play ‘the game’, we look forward to your actual confrontation instead of the conniving bitchiness that you are currently exhibiting.