The World’s Finest Hypoallergenic Mattress Support and Protection is here | CAMP BABY


We know there is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. With this in mind, CAMP BABY have created the world’s finest quality mattress topper and protector on the market.

Increased air circulating through our 100% French Organic Cotton means you will not sweat anymore on the hot nights, whilst remaining nice and warm on the cool winter nights. Being 100% breathable, combined with our waterproof PUL organic cotton construction, even if you are asleep on your boat in the middle of the Caribbean, you will never sweat in your sleep again.

The CAMP BABY Mattress Protector is made from Organic Cotton, certified and grown in France, combined by hand in Australia, and sent directly to you anywhere in the world.

Prolong your mattress, and your sleep, with CAMP BABY. Helping you and your family to sleep well regardless of the weather.

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