An Adult Portable Bed, the CAMP BABY Sunlounger has arrived on Organic Lifestyle

One of a kind: An Organic Portable Bed for Sun, Camping and Comfort

Keeping cool in the sun and warm in the winter, the CAMP BABY portable organic bed is luxurious and a stand out as opposed to other vinyl and plastic based beds and mattresses.

As a design factor, CAMP BABY Sunlounger Adult Bed is 100% certified organic with a waterproof layer protecting the inner mattress. This protects against moisture, mold and mites.

Even if you are lounging at home, there is nothing that compares to laying on top of the certified organic cotton which is grown in France.

Bells Beach is a fantastic spot, known for impressive surf. The culture behind this is what CAMP BABY stands for. Free, Healthy and Relaxing.

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