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Benefits of Facial Oils

For those unaware of the amazing properties of facial oils, there are a multitude of benefits. Firstly, don’t worry about feeling greasy. Botanical oils have a small molecular structure that is similar to the skin, which makes them easily absorbed. They’re rich in healthy skin essentials such as moisturising fatty acids, including omega-3, -6 and -9, which strengthen the skin’s lipid layer, preventing water loss, plumping the skin and stopping the signs of aging.


Typical skin creams contain around 70 percent water, so preservatives, chemicals and perfumes are added to many of them to eliminate bacterial growth, increase shelf life and create a nice scent. However, the additives also increase the chances of skin irritation and allergic reaction. Pure plant oils like Martina Organics, on the other hand, do not contain preservatives or synthetic fragrances, so instead of irritated, your skin is soothed and restored.

Those with oily skin and acne may shudder at the thought of spreading oil all over their face, but plant based oils are actually non-comedogenic, meaning they’re not likely to clog pores and cause breakouts. In fact traditional cleansers and exfoliators strip the skin of its natural oils, causing dehydration, which can lead to overproduction of sebum. Excess sebum can create clogged pores and eventually breakouts. Finally, if your skin is particularly dry, the richness of oils are ideal to achieve a velvety soft skin texture.

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