Mmm, those are some perkynana’s! | Organic Lifestyle Fruit and Flower Enhancer

Want Bigger and Tastier Buds, Flowers and Fruit? Try the Organic Lifestyle Co. tasty organic fertiliser perkynana’s, for a heavier, more flavoursome harvest.

For high potassium/ phosphorus loving plants, low nitrogen amounts with a boost of magnesium makes the Organic Lifestyle Co. perkynana’s Organic Fertiliser perfect to use in both vegetative and floral stages of plant growth.

Being made from 100% organic materials, the perkynana’s flower and fruit booster will not burn plants if used in conjunction with suggested best practice as labelled on rear of packaging.



Foliar spraying is a great way of ushering vital nutrients to the various plant parts. If done properly by following our guidance, it can promote huge returns.


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