How to Clone with CLONE-IT™ Organic Cloning Gel and achieve success! | Organic Lifestyle Co.

Cloning is fun and it is a great way to preserve your favorite plant stock. Some plants do take some coercing in order to take root but there are some really basic steps to follow to help you achieve higher rates of success when propagating soft new growth from your favorite plants.

  • Take cuttings that are fresh and healthy


When taking cuttings to prepare for cloning, remember the fresher, the better. Take cuttings from the growing tips which are approximately 3- 4 inches long. Above is some wild rocket. Make a clean angular cut at an internode. This will help to keep air from invading the stem. Therefore your cutting should be approximately 3- 4 internodes long.

  • Place cutting into water


By placing the cutting directly into fresh warmish (20- 21˚c) water without any nutrient or stimulants, your cutting will stay intact as the water will help to prevent air from entering into the stem.

  • Place stem into CLONE-IT™ Organic Gel

Place cutting approximately 1/2 inch into CLONE-IT™ Organic Cloning Gel

  • Plant into medium


We use Jiffy Pods which are filled with coco fibre. They are great once you get used to them.

  • keep under 20/4 light cycle until rooted


By keeping under a 20/4 light cycle, where the minimal foliage, which is still remaining after pruning as shown above, will promote root growth.

A small 100w benchtop florescent will help to root quickly. Do not put cutting into bright area as the plant will need some soft but continuous lighting.


A small light goes a long way when cloning. This light is only 100w and is a cool white globe. This is preferable for rooting clones.

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