Indolebutyric Acid: the Synthetic ‘Natural’ Hormone | Organic Gardening

Many products online state that, as a cloning gel for propagation, they have a ‘naturally occurring’ plant auxin or hormone called Indolebutyric Acid (IBA). This is a natural hormone produced by plants when rooting but when it is made in bulk for the rooting of plant material in a commercial sense, it is not natural at all as it is synthetically made. It would also then be non organic as the hormone has been, in nearly all instances unless otherwise stated, Genetically Modified.

Other names for the synthetic versions of Indolebutyric Acid:

Organic Lifestyle’s CLONE-IT™ cloning gel is derived from organic sugar cane and contains no synthetic components or hormones. The source sugar cane has not been genetically modified and presents rooting stimulant which is a product that has achieved organic certification.

CLONE-IT™ can also be used in finishing dioecious plant types when flowering or fruiting to increase density and weight of flowers/ fruit/ buds. Contact Organic Lifestyle Co. for further details.