CAMP BABY Central Park Picnic Blanket

The CAMP BABY Central Park Picnic Blanket is a very versatile item with several different uses. Equally as capable of being used as a picnic blanket, the Central Park can also be used as a mat to cover the floor of your tent; increasing the temperature of your tent cabin dramatically.


The CAMP BABY Central Park Picnic Blanket

As it is combined in a multilayer arrangement, by combining a waterproofed organic jersey, coated a layers of organic gingham (top) and denim (bottom), CAMP BABY have created a picnic blanket is pure style and very functional.


Lay it on wet grass and never be affected by it again. The top layer is soft and welcoming; making sure your picnic is what it should be, comfortable and relaxing.

The CAMP BABY Central Park picnic blanket is available in two sizes, one for the couple and the other for the whole family.