CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ Deluxe “Newport” Baby Bed

CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ “Newport” Deluxe Baby Bed – Ultimate Cosleeping Bed

With complete waterproofing, and being reversible, the CAMP BABY “Newport” PortaBaby™ Deluxe Baby Bed exhibits the finest certified organic cotton from France. Featuring a nautical theme in red, white and blue. Designed in the best way to allow more air to baby whilst sleeping, the unique hand construction enables the bed to be used on wet or damp surfaces without fear of seeping through to the inner organic mattress core. The added layer of waterproofing also protects the inner mattress in the event of spoiling. Simply flip and you have another waterproofed layer to protect on either side. The Deluxe PortaBaby™ is the most versatile baby bed on the market. Shipping – Local (Australia), AUD$30 +GST – International AUD $80 + GST (Quote your PayPal Receipt Number when ordering your shipping). See Shipping PayPal Buttons to complete purchase.


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