CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ Baby Bed

The CAMP BABY PORTABABY: Innovative Portable Baby Nest

Commonly used for co-sleeping with babies or infants, the CAMP BABY™ PortaBaby™ provides a versatile, certified organic cotton baby bed with innovative design that focuses on safety as well as comfort.

With our CAMP BABY PortaBaby™, we have intentionally designed ‘the co-sleeping nest’ to allow for increased airflow to baby’s airways. This design feature is unique and sets it  apart as far as safety is concerned. Coupled with our certified organic french cotton, the PortaBaby™ is also designed to maintain dryness of the inner organic cotton mattress core and also features a fully reversible design to provide an opportunity to wipe and flip so that both baby, and you, can sleep through and obtain as much sleep as possible.

With modern, active lifestyles as our main design intent,  our beds are custom designed to suit your needs. Having released three levels of ‘functionality’ , each with its own heightened benefit; the CAMP BABYStandard PortaBaby™ is our base model, non-waterproof and reversible certified organic cotton baby bed. The next level is the CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ ‘Luxury’ waterproof certified organic baby bed, and finally, the CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ ‘Deluxe’ waterproof and reversible certified organic cotton baby bed.

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