CAMP BABY Soho Organic Cotton Slippers

CAMP BABY “Soho” Organic Cotton Slippers

Continuing on from our Soho style as featured in our New York range of lifestyle enhancements, CAMP BABY have released our Soho Organic Cotton House Shoe or Slipper, made from certified organic cotton. The CAMP BABY Soho Organic Slipper, or Huey as we call it, features a soft certified organic blue and gold triangle with a certified organic raw denim upper. The sole of your CAMP BABY Soho is complete with waterproof non slip sole liner and comes with organic cotton filling. This ensures that the CAMP BABY Huey stays dry even whilst walking on wet surfaces.

As we can make to fit, from Children of 3+ all the way up to adults extra large, simply let us know your US size required and we will fabricate can send direct, your chosen type of CAMP BABY Huey (House Shoe).

Our CAMP BABY Hueys are available to suit and come with either a winter lining from organic fleece, or our standard summer lining which in this case is the organic cotton poplin (triangle pattern).


Our CAMP BABY house shoes are available in winter ( CAMP BABY UPSTATE featured above)