CAMP BABY Sunlounger Bondi Beach Adult Portable Bed

CAMP BABY, being proudly Australian, just had to name one of our favorite Sunlounger’s after one of the world’s most famous beaches. And to be honest, you have not enjoyed life until you have been to Bondi Beach!


The CAMP BABY Bondi Beach Sunlounger; pure organic cotton with waterproof protected mattress core.

Worthy of much comparison to its namesake, the Bondi Beach edition of the CAMP BABY Sunlounger sports a classy diamond pattern on an organic cotton upper with a durable blue organic chambray denim lower section; and in between, the CAMP BABY organic cotton mattress complete with waterproof PUL organic cotton core.


The CAMP BABY “Bondi Beach” Sunlounger is adaptable and versatile; doubling as a carry bag.

CAMP BABY Sunlounger Adult Portable Bed Dimensions

183cm (70″) x 62.5cm (27″)

Product Weight – 3.8kg