CAMP BABY Sunlounger Capri Adult Portable Bed

Stunning in Blue: The CAMP BABY “Capri” Adult Portable Bed

Fresh appearing, and certified organic, the CAMP BABY “Capri” Adult Portable Bed will impress even the most critical. Drying off on the certified organic cotton grown in Normandy France, truly evades description. Staying cool to the touch whilst in full sun, the CAMP BABY Sunlounger provides you with superior comfort.

Only a CAMP BABY Sunlounger knows the feeling of pure organic bliss. Summer at the Beach and Winter Camping trips just became even more comfortable thanks to CAMP BABY.

The “Capri” CAMP BABY edition features a cream organic cotton muslin upper with a durable blue organic canvas lower section; and in between, the CAMP BABY organic cotton mattress complete with waterproof PUL organic cotton core.

CAMP BABY Sunlounger Adult Portable Bed Dimensions

183cm (70″) x 62.5cm (27″)

Product Weight – 3.8kg